Still Wondering, How it works?

Half of the APR, is regularly paid back to Participating Pool Donors.

Since this is a Fundraser.

Half of All incoming Proceeds (including APR) will go towards a Scientific Vegan's Lifetime Fund, until completed.

After Fundraising is Completed
the remaining half interest & incoming donations go into growing the APR-Pool for those who Participated. Enjoy!

[New Participants will not be accepted after Fundraser(s) Completion.. until the next]

[Pool Growth Donations will continue to be Accepted]

Again Occasionally

Up to half incoming Donations & APR, will again be used, for MoralEthical Fundraisers of Others'.

This pattern will continue

[New Participants may be Accepted at these times.]
[Only donations aprox. equal or greater than _previous standards+time_ will grant New Participants to Pool Return Access...It'll be stated.
This is to protect existing participants divy rate of return]

This pattern will continue