Welcome to the Campaign for

Ousman of Malawi

This Young fellow is altruestly inspired, and deserves a place to live and grow food!

Here's how You can make a contribution to change:


We've had some issues,
trying to send resource to Malawi.
..Its those everything little issues, plus a new country code.
or an International Money Transfer.
or a street address to send a window bug mesh.
There always seems to be a difficulty.
Couldnt even send & recieve a dollar for some corn maize.
Tried Paypal, because aspects of it are proven to work, but the PayPalMe feature is still new, and has kinks,
support was messaged and confirmed it as a common issue then added it to their que.
So tried other third parties, but every platforms has kinks, and We werent able to find where they werent.
Back to Paypal, TabooSaboo'sEndorsements has Proven Experience, making functioning payable buttons;
So a pictographic walkthrough was made, but Mr Ousman would prefer this done on his behalf;
So now TabooSaboo's Endorsements has created a Paypal Campaign for Ousman of Malawi!
The goal is to get this Young Aspiring Fellow a stable Place to Live & Grow from the ground up.


Completing the Campaign Goal of a modest $500,
TabooSaboo's Endorsements will purchase Land and Donate it's use to the stable Moral Ethical Living of mr Ousman and likewise other Aspiring Vegans of Malawi!

hey Mr Ousman, is it okay to share Your Social here?: