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NV,SA,BY KyleCPM aka TabooSaboo,
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site opend 2018 Jun


Here are social media locations You may find Me:

in case it isn't abundantly obvious where I haven't made it so, the past half-decade or so I've had significant difficulties getting my content online and working digitally. it's like I'm specifically being hindered.

Even this website Neocities, I can't work on directly anymore, the editor glitches horribly I can't copy paste properly, copying is literally impossible I cannot select & click text , I can't copy what I write and pasting doesn't work properly.

working offline doesn't help either it's like all sites and all devices coordinate to make my situation difficult. my editors are broken the app I'm using now closes down randomly like every paragraph I'm frequently saving this device doesn't use its Ram. I've used many devices manny editors and too many apps.

obviously the voice type is listening to me. the more I speak against it the more rapidly it crashes. the last sentence of the previous paragraph crashed several times!. I suppose I don't like being suppressed and I suppose suppressors don't like being spoken against. that previous sentence was the glitchiest yet, start taking screenshots and watch things change Suddenly it works.

I don't know who all you behind the screens Watchers are, but there are serious supression issues occurring. This has been more than half a decade.! this needs to stop, reports need to be filed and suppression needs to be suppressed.

my SabooTaboo page gained more than 10,000 views, most weren't regular viewers most were behind the scenes scanners. As stats & info told Me.. a feature which quickly disappeared when I started recording and posting it. and believe Me, not-posting does not make it better.

I'm done I quit back to indexing.

final note. speak up, even when it's tough. Every time I have managed to speak up, things change. Example, the first vegan restaraunt is oppening in town. several hundreds of in town buisnesses, and somehow this is the first vegan buisness? now that Ive been speaking out 3years.
Lawns are going to change.
death traps will not be allowed on store shelves!
Meat will be abandoned and slaughter made a murder crime.
those who spoke me as crazy will be themselves assesed, and brought to decent conformity. many have had themself already assesed, positive.
I will abandon this planet, leaving most all on it to live or die without Me, sparsely checking in as I grow Myself to infinity. and You may or not think this is crazy, but thus dictates what You are on how & what You decide.
likewise, html will be abandoned as a past relic speach spoken by to few and with too much difficulty.
monopolies & suppression will be viewd as they are,..criminal
index ranted..

To learn more HTML/CSS,at neicities, check out these tutorials!

Optional Donations

Dollar A Month Decade ($120)

I'm considering one time "infadura funds" (infinite duration funds).
The idea being 1 coin has presently an interest value.
So for example, 1.00 coin donation/payment would have an avg infadura fund value of over 0.01 coin per year.

Payment methods