Vegan Foods

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& brought to You By ScientificVegan KyleCPM (Moral Advocate & Ameliorator) I'm deffinitly a fan of these 'banana french fry cup cakes'.

So, basicaly, Most Everything In The Universe is vegan.
..The only known body matter in existance, that is not vegan, is found on a single small planet where the only known life exists.
...These Extremely rare forms of life in the Universe, fear & run from harm, they absolutely do not want to be eaten.. it is Extremely difficult to not be Vegan, as these inteligent life forms attempt extreme evasion & defence.
.... Disimilar to the rare animated life forms, exists another less animate form of life: Plants.. Plants also do not want their critical parts consumed, however, they do produce substance which is desirable to both parties to be consumed: Fruit.
.....By amazing symbio mechanisms, Fruits can be consumed, & upon exretion Even More Fruit Plants will flourishly grow! & this multiplies Exponentialy!
Everything in the universe, except any harm to the Animals, is Vegan.