¢=¢=cent coin symbol
Per 1¢, or 1%, Default Price:
Indicator: Condition: Payment is:
if(¢) coin is earned optional
If(¢) coin is earned Prefered
IF(¢) coin is earned Required
Capitalism or lack of denotes mandation value.

NV,SA,BY KyleCPM aka TabooSaboo.
if(¢) |or| If(¢) |OR| IF(¢) to taboosaboo@gmail.com

This HTML document, was started 2018 [Oct end]

What does it mean?

if(¢)=if(¢) = if coin = if profit = if used for money.

My work, if used for money, may require a portion of funding to be divy’d to: TabooSaboo.

The Owner &or Original Work Holder &or Redistributioner

1¢, or 1%, is the Minimum Default Price, per transaction or total, whichever is greater.

in case of display error: character symbol "¢" or "¢" is supposed to display as a "cent" coin symbol. I’m not an uber character code programmer, and cannot control the display misbehavior of all browsers, so whatever it displays as or looks like… I tried.

coin earned does not exclude coins of non cent or non-Canadian value.


Coin Select
When payment is completed using these PayPal Buttons, 5¢+5% fee applies to each selection.


no Prefered ifcoin payment button yet available.
please refer to if(¢) instead.


no Required ifcoin payment button yet available.
please refer to if(¢) instead.

Required IF(coin) minimum payments, should be automatically privileged to a 10%Price Decay, per digit beyond 100.
Examples: $1:1%, $10:1%, $99:1%, $101:0.9%, $999:0.9%, $1001:0.81%

NV,SA,BY KyleCPM aka
I Am Elio Rater
Material Scientist
Moral Advocator
Practical Crafter
Multimedia & Educational Provider
if(¢) |or| If(¢) |OR| IF(¢) to taboosaboo@gmail.com