Hey (a-Loha), Sexy Vegans,
it's Me(SciVegan) again,
Still looking for a Vacant Place fo(u)r Seasons Accomidation.

Presently I'm in snowy Peterborough Ontario,
 and can bus anywhere 'Go' connected;
All the way to Niagara.

Don't waste this opportunity, 
Space for income.
SciVegan MaterialsScientist with urgable Need of Accommodation.

I like to Brush My Mouth, Hydrate, Shower, Do Science, Watch Science.

I dont consume drugs or animals.

Figures & Conditions:
Temporary to long Accomodation
$200 to $400 for a room,
up to $550 for a suite(/apartment/studio/etc); 
until I find property (or inflatable houseboat).
Or Tenure for ScientificUnderstanding or MoralEthicalAdvocation.

Presently I have a 10*10 storage rented, 
thus of belongings worth of space requirement.

Connection to GTA Go system, is a must, 
unless You're driving.
Or Boat.  ..(PCOC approved btw)

If RoomatesOrHousemates Then must be at-Least Vegan.
Comfortable with all genders & races.

Thankx from SciVeganKyle.

TabSabNeo: https//:taboosaboo.neocities.org/redirect/2021_VegPlaceAccomidationVacanceyNeeded.html

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